Iridescence | 03/01/2018

Amazing Salon Event Presenters

Line Up.

Dr. Justin De Leon

Dr. Justin De Leon is a professor and researcher at UC San Diego with a background in a multitude of studies, including International Relations, Native American Studies, Women’s Studies and Gender Studies. He teaches courses on race, class, gender, and global Indigenous thought. He has worked around the world, in places like Thailand, the Philippines, India, Nepal, Cambodia, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Honduras, and Northern Ireland. De Leon works with the Lakota Sioux of the Great Plains, exploring how contemporary modes of storytelling contribute to Indigenous resurgence and reclaiming of culture. Justin is a Rotary World Peace Fellow and his most recent film collaboration, More than A Word, is about the negative use of Native mascots in American professional sports.

Kie Fujii

Kie Fujii was born in the small country of Singapore and lived in Japan for a few years before moving to the states. Ever since she was a child, she loved being active, including ballet, gymnastics, and her main passion, running. One night coming home from a state championship track meet, she was in a serious car accident that has bound her to a wheelchair ever since. Even after the accident, she still remains active through her rehabilitation and education. After countless hours working with a trainer, she reached one of her milestones by walking with her trainer and a walker at her graduation from the UC Berkeley Integrative Biology Department. Currently, she is enrolled in the UCSD Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program and hopes to become a physician one day.